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Greenview Software

Curtailment refers to the modification of customer behavior in electricity usage at times of peak demand in order to help address system reliability.

Demand Response support a program to use economic advantage to entice the behavior of Curtailment as it reflects to market conditions and pricing.

These activities providing support of the electrical infrastructure ensuring reliably and creating optimization of load control.

GREENVIEW provides your building with hourly electric costs through a variety of notification mediums and informs you when to evoke a curtailment policy based on market conditions. You may also predefine actions based on any load conditions taking into account building comfort as well as tenant needs to create the most efficient use of the current building resources while spending less to provide services and environmental controls.

As an added benefit GREENVIEW can track and submit any data required to participate in renewable state or federal grant program.

GREENVIEW will ensure, record and enforce your eligible to participate and receive compensation thru with no operator or administration effort.

About Greenview

Installation of a GVS system creates an intelligent portal within which a wide variety of information can be presented and acted upon. This intelligent portal will initially provide a means to monitor and control energy use by the building at what can be described as the fence line, and is scalable both internally to access more data points, and externally to access more facilities.

Greenview News

The Advanced Controls module of Greenview is a combination of hardware and software installed into a building which is used to monitor and control a multitude of electrical devices in commercial and residential buildings.

The ability of the GREENVIEW system to interface with a wide variety of controls and sensors makes this add-on to an already installed Building Management System a must have for today’s facility manger. By controlling the set points of either commercial or residential thermostats, lighting ballasts, or other controllable devices our customers are able to participate in a Demand Response program by reducing the energy load during designated ISO events. Not only does this represent a revenue opportunity for the building, but you will also be contributing to a greener tomorrow for our planet by reducing consumption.

Once installed, the GREENVIEW system continually monitors a wide array of devices which can be configured to “trigger” alarms and alerts for maintenance, or energy abuse within a defined space. In addition, by monitoring master or sub-meters installed in your building our data analytics provides you with a tool-box full of information enabling you to make decisions to control demand and reduce peak load charges.

The GREENVIEW system can significantly increase the curtailment capability of commercial office buildings as well as having the ability to control the use of power in a single residence or a small commercial building that has only one thermostat. The economies of scale afforded by controlling hundreds of thermostats significantly increase its appeal by increasing curtailment capability.

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