01.01.09 – STUDIOetc expands its identity
In case you were wondering, you have not been seeing typos. In fact, the studio formerly known as “eec” now has a new manifesto, new declaration, new salutation, ... etc. With growing capabilities, STUDIOetc recently incorporated the new and the true “et cetera” into its name to signify how incredibly vast the company's strengths have become. Now more than ever, STUDIOetc is a national full-service, dream-it, design-it, do-it-and-then-some organization that delivers the highest levels of creativity, results, and affordability alongside progressive leadership and sustainable business practices. New aspects of STUDIOetc's business include exclusive show service labor contracts, large format digital printing, expanded inventory abilities, and more. Stay tuned for much more to come in the new year.
05.3.08 – STUDIOetc Sponsors Green Valleys Association ENVIROFEST
STUDIOetc, in its efforts to be active in the local community, has again participated as a sponsor for the Green Valleys Association ENVIROFEST. ENVIROFEST is a local event that serves as a unique opportunity to educate and advocate environmentally conscious ways to live. This family-fun event offers advice, information, and programs on how we can minimize our individual impact on the environment every day by creating less pollution and reducing our energy consumption. The festival is held at the Green Valleys Association’s 197 acre educational center and is free to the public. For more information on ENVIROFEST, Click Here: http://www.greenvalleys.org/envirofest/envirofest07activities.asp
04.15.08 – STUDIOetc in Footwear Plus’ 2nd Annual Going Greener Issue
STUDIOetc was featured in the footwear industry's only magazine solely dedicated to sustainable practices, Footwear Plus' 2nd annual Going Greener issue. STUDIOetc once again expressed its commitment to eco-awareness by participating in the issue. STUDIOetc makes sustainable products and practices accessible to retailers nationwide through store, fixturing, and merchandising design. For more information, Click Here.
02.07.08 – STUDIOetc presents "Brand as a Living Project™"
As an active member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce (ERC), STUDIOetc frequently participates in sessions for local business people. On February 7, Dawn Mazzone, Director of Sustainability at STUDIOetc, presented “Brand as a Living Project™” at an ERC Marketing Session. For more information on events available through ERC, Click Here: http://www.ercc.net/
11.12.07 – STUDIOetc wins 2007 Green Business Award
The Chester County Board of Commissioners and the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry presented STUDIOetc with the 2007 Green Business Award. This award “recognizes businesses that implement efficient resource conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, recycling, and ‘buy recycled’ business practices.” Dawn Mazzone, STUDIOetc’s Sustainability Director, accepted the award on behalf of STUDIOetc. She has dedicated her career to helping propagate business sustainability on all levels. Due to her strong leadership, STUDIOetc has demonstrated an all-encompassing dedication to becoming an extremely committed sustainable business.
10.16.07 – STUDIOetc honored with Green Power Award from PennFuture
STUDIOetc received the prestigious platinum business award from PennFuture and friends at their 8th Annual Green Power Awards Luncheon. This event was held to celebrate the people, businesses, and institutions that are creating the standard for progress towards cleaner air and a healthier, more ecologically concerned Pennsylvania. Thirty-three awards were given to honor those in the area who utilize the thriving renewable energy market. Since 2004, STUDIOetc has been purchasing 100% renewable energy through the Energy Cooperative of Philadelphia. This includes utilizing solar, wind, and methane gas energy sources.
10.04.07 – Sustainability, Graphic Arts, and Beyond
STUDIOetc has partnered with a local print company, Bentley Graphic Communications, Pottstown, PA to provide sustainabley-focused green options. On October 4, STUDIOetc presented a fun and educational overview of sustainable ideas as part of an open house event held at Bentley.
08.1.07 - STUDIOetc is Panel Speaker at ecoETHICS Forum at WSA
STUDIOetc participated in a panel forum on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Richard Graf spoke about STUDIOetc's earth friendly achievements, along with some stellar guests including Gwynne Rogers (Natural Marketing Institute), Angel Martinez (Deckers Outdoor Group), David Aznavorian (Earth), Rebecca Brough (Mink), Bill Worthington (Olukai), Natalie Dean (Beyond Skin), Danny Wasserman (Tip Top Shoes), Tom Schneider (ISA), and Patrice Thramer (Gen 7 Resources). STUDIOetc's Sustainability Director, Dawn Mazzone and Associate, Danny Hill were also available to share STUDIOetc's environmental policy and perspective. Industry professionals hit the show floor early for the express purpose of learning from these leaders in bringing sustainability practices to business.
04.10.07 – STUDIOetc Continues Their ADDY Award Winning Streak
STUDIOetc won three silver ADDY Awards during the Philadelphia competition in March. Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, the ADDY Awards are the advertising industry’s largest, most prestigious, and comprehensive advertising competition worldwide. The awards were presented to STUDIOetc for the design and printing of Reich & Tang’s corporate collateral campaign; their design and fabrication of Sultan Healthcare’s ADA trade show exhibit; and their design and fabrication of the Consulate General of Switzerland’s Schweizer Bundesbrief exhibit, which displayed at the National Constitution Center. To learn more about the ADDY Awards and the AAF, go to www.aaf.org
07.06.06 - STUDIOetc Showcases The Swiss Federal Charter of 1291
Switzerland recently approached STUDIOetc, Inc. to handle a most unique project; create a tribute exhibit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia featuring the Schweizer Bundesbrief, the 715 year-old Swiss Federal Charter. The ancient document formed the centerpiece of an educational display, "The Sister Republics," focusing on the historically close ties, common interests, and shared traditions between the United States and Switzerland. This tribute was the first-ever exhibition of the Bundesbrief outside of Switzerland. STUDIOetc's popular exhibition was viewed by more than 4,000 people at its grand opening June 10, 2006.
06.12.06 - STUDIOetc Takes a National GOLD ADDY® Award
STUDIOetc has received a National GOLD ADDY® Award. Out of the 58,000 ADDY® entries in the country, only 1,635 professional entries were judged in the national competition; only 60 GOLD ADDY® Awards were bestowed. The award ceremonies took place in San Francisco, CA on June 11, 2006 hosted by comedian and actor Joe Piscopo. This award was given to STUDIOetc in recognition for the design and fabrication of the W. L. Gore and Associates Trade Show Exhibit for the SIA Show (Snow Sports Industries of America). STUDIOetc had already won two gold ADDY® Awards and one silver for the Philadelphia competition in March 2006 and two silver awards in the regional competition in April 2006.

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